Kusshi News

Kusshi™ Oysters Take Flight with Oriole, Chicago Kusshi™ oysters are part of the 15 course menu at Oriole in Chicago.  The restaurant boasts 4 stars after just... [Read More]
Conosci Adds Kusshi™ to the Art of its Culinary Endeavor Conosci initially opened as a “crudo bar” tucked inside Italian restaurant Alta Strada. The hidden dining room (no sign out... [Read More]
Kusshi™ Oysters Used in Burlock Coast’s Rum Pairing Dinner “…We began with an amuse bouche of kusshi oyster douet with Champagne mignonette, pickled peppers, chorizo and remoulade and... [Read More]
Hot Waters! Kusshi™ Voted “Most Lust Inducing” Pearl – A new app that gathers user data on oyster taste and aphrodisiac effect – reports that Kusshi™,... [Read More]
The Oyster Guide – Kusshi Takes Top 3 in North America At the North American Oyster Showcase last week, a truly impressive panel of hardcore oyster-heads convened for what is... [Read More]