How to Buy Seafood Wholesale from Kusshi Oysters

Get in touch with us to learn about purchasing seafood wholesale from exclusive Kusshi oyster suppliers. We can connect you with a distributor of Kusshi Oysters who will help you buy our seafood wholesale. Kusshi Oysters can be supplied across Canada (including but not limited to major urban centres like Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City), across the Western United States (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland), throughout the interior of the USA (Las Vegas, Kansas, Denver, Chicago, Detroit), and along the East Coast of the USA (New York, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, New Jersey, Philadelphia). These are just a selection of where our shellfish are available.


Like the Kumamoto? You will Love Kusshi Oysters!

The Kusshi is often compared to the Kumamoto Oyster. In our opinion, if you like the Kumamoto, you’re going to love the Kusshi. Kusshi Oysters share many characteristics with Kumamotos, leading to the comparison. A main difference between them, however, is that Kusshi Oysters are often considered to be more briny than Kumamoto oysters.


Because of the Kusshi’s firm texture, cocktail size and sweet flavour, chefs will often recommend the Kusshi. These are also the same characteristics which make the Kusshi attractive to oyster enthusiasts. Because of their mild flavour and easy to open shell, Kusshi Oysters are also frequently recommended for people new to oysters. This makes Kusshi’s perfect for any chef or oyster bar, as they are as appealing to oyster rookies as they are to connoisseurs!


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