Kusshi Oyster Farm – Our Careful Cultivation Process


As the proprietary grower of Kusshi Oysters, we have the utmost commitment to excellence and consistency. Our unique growing process and quality assurance techniques result in a consistent, high-quality oyster that chefs love and rely upon.


When you serve a Kusshi you offer your guests the highest quality, gourmet delicacy.


It can take up to four years for our Kusshi Oyster to reach such perfection. During that time, the pampered little Kusshi is grown while safely nestled in baskets that sway in the pristine, deep and nutrient-rich waters of Deep Bay in Baynes Sound, British Columbia.


Like the delicate and patient creation of a bonsai tree, we cultivate the Kusshi Oysters in a unique and secret process. This proprietary system ensures that the Kusshi’s energy is directed into meat production, rather than into growing a bigger shell. The result is a beautifully smooth, deep shell that is easy to open and overflows with the succulent and deliciously fresh taste of a Kusshi Oyster.


Learn about the consistency and freshness of Kusshi’s from our proprietary oyster farm.