Taste the Freshness – A Unique Variety of BC Oysters

As dedicated producers of BC oysters, we know that consistent quality and appearance is important. Chefs and oyster connoisseurs expect consistency and freshness in their ingredients. 


After years of gentle cultivation in our tumbling process, the impeccable Kusshi Oyster is perfect every time. The shell is always beautifully smooth and the remarkably deep cup always holds plump, firm, delicious meat. Size is important, too. That’s why we have installed state of the art screening technology. By using a 3D camera, the oysters are measured accurately to within the millimetre.  You can be sure that your Kusshi Oyster will be consistently sized each and every time.


With shellfish, freshness is everything. For over ten years, chefs have confidently served Kusshi oysters. They know that they can rely on a consistent, high-quality oyster that is always delivered fresh. These pampered BC oysters grow nestled in an ocean basket less than four miles from where they are gently packaged to begin their journey. Kusshi Oysters are typically delivered fresh from our pristine waters to your table in less than 48 hours.


If you’re interested in serving Kusshi Oysters, please contact us for the name of one of our distributors.