The Ultimate Types of Oysters from Kusshi’s Oyster Farm

The Kusshi oyster is considered to be one of the finest types of oysters on the market today. It is an exquisite delicacy that commands a premium price, is in limited supply, and is the consummate choice for oyster bars and fine dining establishments, throughout Canada and the United States. Kusshi’s will delight the most enthusiastic of oyster connoisseurs.


Our proprietary practices, passed down through the generations, make the Kusshi shell beautifully smooth and easy to open. Remarkably, the cup is as deep as it is long. This perfect shell surrounds copious amounts of nectar containing firm, plump, and incredibly delicious meat.


Like a perfect grape or cherry tomato, the plump meat fills your mouth with pleasure and the deliciously invigorating taste of the ocean. These types of oysters have exquisite flavour that starts salty, transitions to sweet, and finishes with a delightfully mild fruity taste.


These oysters are recommended by chefs as excellent starter oysters due to their ease of consuming and mild flavour that is a wonderful balance between the recognizable taste of pacific types of oysters and just the right amount of saltiness and brine.


Naming the Kusshi Oyster

In naming our Kusshi™ oyster, we wanted to pay homage to the Japanese origins of the Pacific oyster or Crassostrea Gigas which originated in Japan and was brought to North America in the early 1900’s, while expressing the unique nature of our product – the ‘ultimate’ oyster.


“Kusshi no hito” – in Japan in 1893, a Soshi (master, or head teacher) was recorded using this term. He was describing a man of uncommon ability. Today, the term is still used in the Japanese language to describe something considered to be world-class, outstanding, preeminent or ‘the best.’


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