Kusshi Oysters with Black Cherry Mignonette

Always looking for new ways to enjoy Kusshi Oysters has uncovered this gem of an oyster recipe. Our delicious oysters featured with a black cherry mignonette. Thanks to BC Living for featuring local products!



  • 400 ml cherry juice (2 lbs of whole cherries will produce 600 ml of juice)
  • 10 oz black cherry vinegar
  • 4 oz brunoise fennel
  • 4 oz brunoise shallots
  • 4 Tsp black pepper
  • 5 Kusshi oysters per person


  1. Serve Kusshi oysters on a small rectangular glass plate with a ramekin of mignonette.
  2. Use fennel fronds and a few half cherries for garnish.


Recipe source: Kusshi Oysters with Black Cherry Mignonette

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