Gems of the Sea

Dish by:

Chef Atifa Prinsloo




Kusshi™ Oyster    3 pce

Sea Urchin               1

Micro Beets To garnish

Micro Basil To garnish


Gazpacho Cold Soup:                                        

Green Apple, Granny Smith    100g         Whole Milk                    112g

Garlic Clove                                 5g            Kosher Salt                    2g

White Bread, Crust Removed   680g        Virgin Olive Oil            21g

Seedless Green Grapes               225g        White Wine Vinegar    42g

Blanched Whole Almonds        112g         Black Pepper                2g


Apple Cream:

Creme Fraiche          ½ cup               Dill, Finely Chopped                2 sprigs

Whipped Cream     ½ cup                Green Apple, Granny Smith    ¼ pce

Lemon Zest              ½ of 1 lemon    Salt & Black Cracked Pepper To taste



Apple and Green Grape Cold Soup:

  • Combine the apple, garlic, bread, grapes, almonds, milk and 2 cups of water in a bowl.
  • Cover and let sit for 6-24 hours. Let all the flavors can fully combine together to incorporate and enhance each other.
  • Transfer to a food processor and until smooth while gradually adding the olive oil until emulsified. Emulsification is the key, take your time, and pour slowly to avoid your soup from splitting. Add in the white wine vinegar, for some tartness.
  • Season with salt and black pepper.
  • Strain the puree through a fine mesh sieve into a clean bowl then refrigerate until chilled about 1 hour or until ready to use. Your soup should be velvety smooth.


Apple Cream:

  • Combine the creme fraiche, whipped cream, lemon zest, finely diced apple, dill, salt & pepper, fold gently together.
  • Refrigerate and chill for 1 hour


To Serve:

  • Pour a ladle of the chilled Gazpacho soup into a chilled bowl. Arrange 3 pces of the Sea Urchin carefully from center outwards on the plate. Leaving a small gap for the apple cream.
  • Place 3 flreshly shucked Kusshi™ oysters in between the Sea Urchin Pieces gently, avoiding them from sinking into the soup… let the gems shine!
  • Place a small quenelle of the chilled apple cream in the center of the bowl. Garnish with a twist of cucumber skin, and micro herbs placed on each gem.


Back Story:

This amazing Kusshi™ oyster dish was created by Chef Atifa Prinsloo, a Certified Chef & Culinary Arts Instructor at Lasalle College in Vancouver, Canada.  Chef Afita has an extremely impressive career history which includes 5 star hotels in both Australia and Hong Kong, as well as leading the culinary team at MARKET, in Vancouver’s own Shangri-La location.  


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