Aphrodisiac Oysters for Longevity and Vitality


Known as nature’s Viagra, the oyster has long been romanticized as an aphrodisiac. Throughout history, well-known lovers from Casanova to Henry VIII, feasted regularly upon vast trays of raw oysters.


Did the oyster enhance the libido of these famous


It’s a long-standing belief that eating oysters, especially raw, will increase your libido. Is there fact behind the fiction? Oysters gained their reputation at a time of nutritionally deficient diets.


Their substantial nutritional benefits would have improved overall health, and in doing so, would have likely contributed to an increased sex drive. Oysters do contain dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps to govern brain activity and influence sexual desire in men and women. The passion produced from raw oysters, some have suggested, is linked to their unprecedented high levels of zinc, an essential mineral, recently described as a new super food.