In Search of the Perfect Oyster


The Kusshi™ Oyster: Grown in nature, designed through cultivation.


The oyster is a creature of many elements and a direct reflection of its unique
habitat, but which elements and habitat would result in the perfect oyster?


Many years ago, we asked ourselves “If the perfect oyster cannot be found,
can one be created?”

Describing perfection in an oyster was the easy part. The meat had to be
consistently plump, firm, fresh, and delicious. The cup had to be remarkably
deep and consistently sized, and the shell would be smooth, non-brittle and
easy to open. The size should provide the perfect portion for one, exquisite


We set out on a journey, and through years of study and design, have
developed a proprietary process to bring our version of it to life.


Finding the perfect oyster was impossible – until now.
After a decade of careful cultivation, the perfect Kusshi™ Oyster was